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Basket Plating

basket plating Similar in quality to the Rack Plating finish, our Basket Plating can often prove more economical for our customers. Whether you have small delicate pieces or larger parts, Accent’s Basket Plating processes accommodate various shapes and sizes, as well as unique handling requirements. We have a variety of barrel sizes, with numerous finishes to choose from. We can do all colors, Nickel & Gold headpins.

We can also boast a competitive edge on most other electroplating companies in the market, because we have on-site facilities that can also provide our clients with the additional Nickel-Free option – when Basket Plating.

Instead of dealing with individual plating prices from separate electroplating companies, experience the cost-efficiency of volume, Nickel-Free, Basket Plating from one place – Accent Plating.


  • Platinum
  • Auruna Gold
  • Sterling Silver
  • Rhodium
  • Imitation Rhodium
  • Ruthenium
  • Gun-Metal
  • Platinum
  • Gold & Matte Gold (14k, 18k and 24k)
  • Sterling & Matte Silver
  • Ruthenium
  • Rhodium
  • Imitation & Matte Imitation Rhodium

Product Photos

Basket Plating HEADPINS 003

Basket Plating HEADPINS 005

Basket Plating HEADPINS 007

Basket Plating HEADPINS 009

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